At Bouche Boutique's Brisbane based ascot hair salon your facial waxing is conducted discreetly, in our private treatment and rinse room, also known as the Whispering Grove.  When you're having to primp and preen yourself, it's no-one business as to what actually needs to happen in order for you to look fabulous.

They only thing the world needs to see is the finished product. Going to the hairdressers can actually be a relaxing experience and something you look forward to doing.  That's what we're committed to at Bouche Boutique hair salon.  We have created less of salon experience and more of a day spa experience.  The Whispering Grove is used to rinse your hair and conduct facial waxing and it has been painted in 4 coats of a luxurious deep green. 

The reason for this is because we are colour psychology experts, and we understand the influence green has on us internally.  Here are some of the attributes of green - Harmony, balance, refreshment, universal love, rest, restoration, reassurance, environmental awareness, equilibrium, peace. 

Another important thing to know is that green is tied to nature, and makes you feel like you're getting your hair washed in a rain forest.  We have also used timber images on the floor as it looks like the tiles where harvested directly from the forest.  Timber is very earthy and comforting.  We have also placed a large picture of a rope bridge into a foggy forest to help you drift away whilst you enjoy your scalp massage.  

We use 100% La Biosthetique luxury product to wash your hair.  We don't just use the bottles for display and then fill them with a cheaper product when no one is looking.   

We also use bright white highlights in the room to give it some freshness so that you are 100% rejuvenated and ready to face the world.  Now that you've had some you time, and a relaxing experience in the hair rinse room, you are ready to complete the boutique hair experience.