Ageing is part of life……looking aged is a choice. 

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I often wonder why women spend so much time and money on youthful looks.  What I've learnt is that it can be a different reason for each person. 

Primarily it's for our own confidence.  Aging is not a crime, but many of us worry about how invisible we might become. 

Neglect is what the real killer is.  Anything neglected decays at a much faster rate.  You can always tell if someone puts effort into their skin. 

Have you ever noticed abandoned towns seem to fall apart with a puzzling speed?  It's almost like when something doesn't get enough of our attention it simply falls apart, it seems to decay on some sort of energetic level, faster than makes sense. 

Loving something is the greatest gift you can give it.  You give it energy which nourishes and preserves it.

You can't control how society treats you, but you can treat yourself with the love and care you deserve.  If you don't care and nourish yourself, no one else is going to do it for you.  Looking as good as you can, within reasonable effort, is what each of us deserve.  It's about loving yourself and feeling good about yourself.  That's all the reasons I need.

Proof that O Cosmedics gets results

Applying makeup and trying to look great whilst your face feels like a dry and crinkled up piece of cellophane paper is not going to have you feel like you have your "A game" on.

Regular facials are an important part of your anti-aging regime and offer the following benefits.

Beauty tips from the styling program

  1. Hydrates your skin
  2. Treats the areas around your eyes
  3. Increases your skins absorption abilities
  4. Powerful and deep exfoliation
  5. Treats skin blemishes

Most importantly, it's time out for some pampering

Many of my ladies use Botox.  Botox is great for preventing facial movement, but can become obvious, especially if your skin looks aged.  Another issue you need to consider with Botox is that is doesn't treat the 5 causes of aging.

Beauty tips from the styling program

They are the following

  1. Collagen breakdown
  2. Photo Defense (sun damage)
  3. Oxidation (free radical damage)
  4. Inflammation (of the skin)
  5. Glycation (excess glucose in the skin)

The reality is, no amount of Botox can address the above issues.  As with everything we do here, we recommend a holistic approach to your image.  The right hair, with the right clothes and style, with the right makeup and the right skin treatments. 

Taking care of your skin is more important, for the long term, than just Botox on it's own.  Botox can't fix crepey looking skin. 

There are many people that offer facials, most of them are simply a fluffy feel good cosmetic procedure.  We use O Cosmedics.  Yes it's a cosmedic not a cosmetic, because it's actually designed to do something.  It's designed to work and has the science to back it.  It's not "skin care" it's skin medicine.  Our facials are designed to give you results and address the 5 causes of aging.

Once we have a treatment regime for your skin, we want to ensure you use the right makeup.  The makeup we use and recommend also nourishes and heals the skin.  Read more about it here

Our Therapist is world class, highly experienced, and has been working on Richard Branson's Makepeace island.  She also ran he own luxury salon in Noosa for many years and has now teamed up with Bouche Boutique. 

Whilst getting your hair and style looked after by us, why not book in for a facial and get everything under the one roof? 

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