One of the many important topics I cover in my program is colour. We work out what your perfect colours are via the process of a colour analysis. Colour and colour psychology is a large topic and can be broken down into the following areas.

  • The effect it has on us
  • The effect it has on others
  • How you look with certain colours

One of the first things we need to do in the Effortless Elegance program is to assess what colour profile your skin tone is.  The reason this is important, is because putting two colours against each other will change how the less abundant colour is perceived.  In this case, the less abundant colour is your skin, because it's covered in clothes.  What can happen is that you can bring out darker tones, grays, tans or make yourself look pale.  This can give the appearance of looking older, unhealthy or tired. 

It can also draw attention  to your challenged body areas, and have you look out of proportion. Once you know what colour works best for your skintone, you are given a colour wheel that you can take shopping with you.  That way whenever you pick new clothes, the colour will have the best effect and you'll always look great, provided the style matches your body shape and personality.

The pictures below are of all the US presidential candidates.  It's a very interesting picture from a colour perspective.  I wonder if you can see what I'm about to point out to you……but I'll come back to this picture in a moment.

Image source -

Image source -

Other clearer pictures can be found by following this link:   Due to copyright laws I can't add them directly to our website. 

Can colour have an effect on you?

Well according to this study, at science mag, it absolutely can. You can actually perform better, simply by exposing yourself to a certain colour. What this study found is that red improved performance on detail-oriented tasks.  Stop and think about that for a second.  Just by surrounding yourself in a certain colour, you are able to change how you perform cognitively.  What's really interesting, is that if you can change your performance to the positive, then is it safe to assume, certain colours can have a negative effect in certain situations?  

The New York Times wrote an interesting article on the effects of colour on children in detention centres. Basically when the manic, and psychotic juveniles became violent, they put them in a pink cell, which calms them and they usually go to sleep after 10 minutes.  Previously, the staff would have to physically restrain the children until they settled down.  Naturally there are those that believe this is a pile of rubbish, however an estimated 1,500 hospitals, and correctional institutions, across America, have become sufficiently convinced of the pacifying effect of bubble gum pink, that they have painted more than one room, in that particular shade.  

Surely these professionals and medical people would not have gone to this effort without some evidence of it being effective.  

Still not sure? 

I have read a number of studies about the effect colour has on our memory.  In this study called The Influence of Colour on Memory Performance.  

They concluded that, "The choice of colours, and the manipulative aspects can, however, influence the extent to which colours can influence human memory performance." It's not just the colour that's important, it's also the harmony of colour, as stated in this colour harmony study. It appears that contrasting colours, are harder to remember…..which might seem obvious in hindsight. 

But how does all of this help us?  Well it can help you with your performance and mood.  If you're feeling a little low on a particular morning, the right coloured outfit can really lift your spirits.  It's an easy way to change how you feel, and it can also help you stand out in a situation. 

Take for example a job interview.  It's better to feel better, perform better and standout from the crowd, because it helps others to remember you easier.  Advantageous?  I think so. 

The effect colour has on others:

Well, there are several studies that show colour has an effect on how others perceive you!  For example, red has been shown, time and time again to make a lady more attractive.  So ladies it's pretty simple, if you're heading out on a hot date, a red dress is going to get his attention more than any other colour.  I guess that's why there is a song called "lady in red".  Also, If I mention the movie Pretty Woman, that stars Julia Roberts, there's a good chance men will think of her in that lovely red gown, I know my partner did.  In fact he even thought she was wearing that dress on the movie cover, which isn't correct.     

Ok , so what about that picture at the top of the page, with all the politicians?

If you look at all the men, they are wearing a black suit with a white shirt, and either a red or a blue tie.  In fact if you do a quick internet search you'll see that most politicians prefer blue and red ties, especially when making a significant public appearance. 

The reason for this is simple.  They know and understand the importance of colour psychology.  People are catching onto it slowly, as per this article in the Sydney Morning Herald.  

Red =  Physical courage, strength, warmth, energy, masculinity
Blue = Intelligence, communication, trust, efficiency, serenity, duty, logic, coolness, reflection, calm.

Interesting isn't it?

However, it's important that we put all of this information into context.  I'm not suggesting for a moment, that we can make all of our problems go away, by simply wearing the right colours and nothing else. 

That would be silly.  What I am suggesting, is that we can certainly give ourselves an advantage by using the right colours to complement our other efforts. Things like the right clothes, and the right style for your body shape, the right hairstyle and accessories, work well together with the right colours.  In a highly competitive world, doesn't it make sense to give ourselves every possible competitive advantage?  Besides, if politicians think it's a good idea to use colour to convey a message, then I think we should be using it too. 

A colour analysis,  that is part of my Effortless Elegance program,  will ensure you pick the best colour outfits for your skin tone and personality type.  It will also help you understand how to wear colours that don't work so well for you. Sometime it's just too hard to dispose of a garment.  We are unaware that the whole reason it sits in the wardrobe, and doesn't get worn, is because it simply may not be the right colour.  It will wash us out, or we may feel that it doesn't compliment our shape, and we don't know why.. This is why! 

My program isn't just a quick make over by a personal stylist.  It's a complete 6 week transformation.  We look at your inner and outer game and give you the tools to use your image and presentation to get better results.


Kelli Boucher
- Personal Stylist
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