Have you ever experienced the following?

  • Neglected your personal appearance because you don't have the time? Or you've felt guilty because you've spent time on yourself, instead of spending time with your family in the morning?

  • Walked into a room and felt conscious about your appearance?

  • Felt misunderstood, or rejected in some way because of your appearance?

  • Doubt that what you're wearing looks good on you?

  • Felt like you are starting to look "old" or "mummsy"?

  • You always wear similar clothes and are known for the same kind of look?

  • You're starting to feel insignificant, and don't believe the compliments anymore?

  • Do you feel like that it's time for a change, and that you need to do something for yourself?

  • Is your inner critic very vocal when you look at your reflection in a mirror?

  • Are you a career woman or have a business and want to go to the next level?

  • Are you wanting to improve your love life?

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Of all the women that I talk to, and I've spoken to over a thousand, they all say a similar thing.  "I just want to know what looks best on me.  I want to know how to bring my look together." Looking fantastic and doing it without spending an hour in front of the mirror is a learned skill.  Each one of us is different, and what works for me isn't necessarily going to work for you. 

As ladies, we are busier than we've ever been.  Trying to juggle career, business, partner, children, friends, fitness means that there is little time for us.  Most of us don't have the time to invest in our personal appearance like we once had. 

Your appearance and your results

Many of the ladies coming to see me for their hairstyles, are also starting to wake up to the fact that their appearance is more important these days.  More and more ladies are have become educated around fashion psychology and the advantage it gives you.  As a result, life is becoming more competitive.  Now this only applies to the modern woman that is a mover and shaker.  The ladies that come and see me want something better in their lives.  It can be a career, customers, partner, friends or to just fit in and feel better. 

All humans want something more, and 9 times out of ten, we need other humans to help us.  Study after study has shown that your personal style, and your appearance, sends messages to other people.  Everything communicates!  How you talk, walk, what you wear, your makeup, clothes style, hair and shoes.  It's sending a message to other people, and those people will form opinions of you.  Influencing what people think of you is the gateway to a happier life.  

Dr Karen Pine ( a long time fashion psychologist ) conducted research on this topic.  She found that women are rated more positively on confidence, salary, and flexibility when wearing certain fit of clothes.  So how clothes fits you sends important messages that can be used to your advantage in life.  That's not even considering the style of clothes you might be wearing.  Then there is your hair and makeup. 

I don’t know really where to start but I wanted to thank Kelli Boucher and the Effortless Elegance program for such a wonderful learning experience. Initially I wanted to seek out someone to give me guidance on heading into dressing ‘well’ within my age bracket.

So I started looking to reward myself with some styling guidance.. someone to go through my wardrobe and take me shopping for a new look as I grew into an older age bracket. Nec Minute I have signed up to the best and most rewarding course of my life .. sitting pretty high up there with Dale Carnegie ‘Learn how to Win friends and influence people” at the age of 21 which changed my entire life (as this course has yet again 27 years later). I realise now the clothes and style section of this course is such a small contributing part (10-12% I would say).. the rest is finding out who you are, what your passions are, your personal style and a safe comfortable sharing environment to discover the awesomeness of you. If I had children I would put the $$ aside to ensure they don’t wait until they are 47 years old to realise who they are. What a gift for an 18 year old daughter rather than another IPhone, I pad or holiday to Bali !!

Kelly and the team work very subtly to help self discovery and before you know it you are oozing all this positive energy.. people walk up to me in the street and make comments on my clothes, jewellery, hair but mostly I believe it is because of my confidence and happiness in Myself. The other day I was walking towards a jewellery store with my husband (after about 5 people making comments as we walked around Carindale shopping centre and his patience getting a little thin by now lol) and as we were about 100 mtrs from the door, the two ladies behind the counter looked up, caught my eye and their backs shot up straight and with warm welcoming engaging smiles projecting from them. They paid me 3 compliments in the 10 mins I was in their store (and genuine ones). It is like I have a ball of about 4-5 mtres all around me which is this energy force and anyone who comes near it is drawn closer.. Super weird but a wonderful feeling.

Thank you Kelli, you are the most inspirational women I have ever met, your skillset sits balanced between life coach, psychologist, Hair and Fashion stylist and a warm welcoming genuine insightful overall marvellousness and a whole lot of words the English dictionary cannot even describe.. .. what an absolute delight to be in your presence !

Oh and the cost of the course… negates all of the negative and bad choice shopping you would have completed over the next 6-12 months so it’s a no-brainer right ! To be honest I started this course reasonably confident in myself and my dress and thought I wouldn’t get too much out of this.. but wow, I did but also the joy in watching the other ladies in the course grow as much as I did and hit their own personal wins along the way is so rewarding.
— Angela Moffett - Brisbane

The amount of evidence around appearance and results on my research page will amaze you. 

Look, let's get to the point here.  When you break it down it's about how you feel as a lady.  At the end of the day many of us can deal with the judgments of others.  Even if these judgments impact us negatively.  Judging others is just how humans works.  Cognitive Psychologists tell us these behaviours are called Concepts, Prototypes and Mental Sets.  It's just how our brains work, and these behaviours are designed to make our lives easier.  Head and Shoulders did some research where they interviewed 2000 women and 92% "admitted to having hang ups, with the most frequent obstacle being anxiety about their appearance". The article this was mentioned in was discussing confidence and whether the lack of it held them back, which they claimed it did. For us ladies, looking and feeling good is our inner support base.

I see so many ladies that have lost their inner power and strength because of how they feel about their appearance.  

Researchers made ladies perform maths problems in a jumper (sweater), and then in their swimsuit.  When the women dressed in just swimsuits, they performed almost half as well as opposed to when dressed in jumpers.  ( read more here https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-big-questions/201104/women-perform-worse-when-focusing-their-looks )

Being conscious or concerned about your appearance in any way can be a major setback for you.  Sending the wrong message with your presentation just makes it worse.  Many ladies claim to be confident, yet struggle with certain parts of their appearance.  Those that have mastered confidence can then appear harsh and unapproachable.  

I'm sure you've heard about how a large part of our communication is visual or non-verbal. The ratio is often argued but one thing we do know is that the visual part will win.  

It's called the McGurk effect.  When there are mixed signals, what people see will ALWAYS win.  If your hair and makeup look harsh, but you say otherwise, then you will be judged as harsh.

Your appearance is the most important part of your presentation because it's the over-ruling factor. 

The solution is easy

What if you could create new opportunities for yourself just by changing your personal style? What if you had a personal stylist show you exactly what works well for your personality, style and body shape?  What if that same person also showed you how to dress, accessorise, do your hair and makeup so you looked the best you could in every situation?  What if you could also save time doing it?  What positive changes would that bring to your life?  

Kelli is fantastic hair stylist and image consultant who is always ensuring the client is 100% satisfied. As Kelli is always updating her skills and adding to the service menu to suit all clients taste.
If you are looking for a great hairstylist and/or ensuring you are on track with your professional image I would highly recommend Kelli.

Dianne Nilsson - Brisbane

Some of the topics I cover are

Thank you Kelli for your wonderful services with educating me on exactly what style and colours suit me. I have found the whole process so interesting and fun. You have taught me how to save money and my valuable time when shopping for my clothes by knowing exactly what to look for. I am now enjoying all the positive comments that I’m receiving from friends and colleagues with my new look.

Thanks again

Elisabeth Turner- Wedding & Event Planner - Maleny
  • Colour analysis

  • Style analysis

  • Shopping expedition

  • Personality style

  • How to be perceived

  • Wardrobe audit

  • First impressions

  • Colour

  • Make up

  • Body language

  • Facial expression

  • Hairstyles

  • Haircolours

  • Upstyles

  • Beauty rituals

  • Body shape

  • Fabric

  • Style and design

  • Best buys while shopping

  • Shopping for your personality

  • Femininity vs alpha female

  • Accessorising

  • Packing for travel

  • Dressing for your mood

  • Patterns

  • How to get your sexy back

In my program you'll learn the following things plus much more.

  • How to quickly and easily pull together the perfect outfit for you, so you look stylish everyday.

  • Never have anxiety, or feel self-conscious about your appearance because you'll know that what you've done suits you, looks great and is a true reflection of you.

  • Re-create yourself from Unapproachable to Approachable, Beige to Alluring, Doubtful to Confident, Feminine to Sexy, Office Girl to Chic, Wallflower to Interesting, Classic to Elegant.

  • What to do to make sure people don't perceive you as false.

  • How to identify unconscious behaviours that inhibit your freedom of expression.

  • What is appropriate to wear for my age group without looking ‘washed up’ or trying to be ‘mutton done up as lamb’.

  • Identify your personality strengths, to enable you to co ordinate your look effortlessly and authentically.

  • What colours are the best colours to make you look radiant, younger and compliment your skin.

  • The best hairstyle and hair colour, that will compliment your face shape, features, complexion and personality, and convey your desired message.

  • How to look like you brought your personal stylist on holiday with you, without taking the whole wardrobe.

  • Makeup secrets that will draw peoples attention to your beauty features making you look even more attractive.

  • Exactly what you need to do to master the art of the "first impression".

  • How you can use your clothes and image to powerfully influence other peoples subconscious thoughts about you.

  • How to communicate a powerful message without saying a thing.

  • Why your body language can make or break a situation.

  • What to do and not do when you go shopping so you have the most fun and never waste money ever again.

  • How to use clothing to make areas on your body draw attention and make other areas disappear.

  • Recreate your wardrobe so you will never feel like you have "nothing to wear".

  • How to create a "new look" from all your existing clothing.

  • We will do a colour analysis, style analysis and personality profile on you

  • We also examine your current hairstyle and explore the many variations possible for your new look

  • You won't need anyone's opinion when you go shopping. You'll know exactly what to buy, and you'll know it looks perfect on you.


The Total Image Concept is the concept that encompasses everything that we do. Our focus is more than just hair, we take a more holistic approach to your image that covers

Why do this?

Kelli Delivering the effortless elegance program

That depends on what you want?  Do you want to build a personal brand or do you want a new partner?  Are you wanting to feel more confident in certain situations?  If you want more out of your life, then the facts have shown that your presentation can be used as a tool to make it easier to get your desired result.

Image isn't just about how you're perceived by others, but more importantly it's about how you perceive yourself.
How you look communicates to everyone, including to yourself.

Call me on (07) 3172 2990 to book a free strategy session or click the little envelope on the menu to email me.  Things can get pretty busy at the styling rooms but either myself or Tash will get back you as soon as we can.   

Yours with style

Kelli Boucher
- Personal Stylist
- Fashion Stylist
- Image Consultant
- Hairdresser