It's the big day and it's finally going to happen.  You and your partner are going to commit to each other, and the last thing you need it to be conscious of how you look.  That would be a downer on what is otherwise, an amazing day.  There is enough to think about on the day, the way you look doesn't need to be one of them.

We have a unique private space where you and your bridal party can come to relax, kick off your shoes, drink champagne and get everything from waxing to facials while you prepare for the big day.

At bouche Boutique styling rooms we give you the perfect hairstyle, colour and makeup, for YOU.  We use our 3 step science to match your skin tone, face shape, and personality to your hair and makeup.  The result being that you can feel confident that your appearance has been professionally done, and isn't just the result of someones opinion. We can even help you choose the wedding dress to ensure you take everyone's breath away.....not just his 

Get everything you need under the one roof so you can go to your wedding stress free, and looking better than ever. Our salon can even be booked for the privacy of your bridal party, so you can relax and get pampered. 

Don't believe our client testimonials

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