Voted one of Brisbane's best colourists - The Urban List

"Offering a highly personalised colouring experience, Bouche Boutique take the time to determine the most flattering shade for you. They also offer a styling in-house service — that's how dedicated they are to helping you look like a total fox"

I don’t know really where to start but I wanted to thank Kelli Boucher and the Effortless Elegance program for such a wonderful learning experience. Initially I wanted to seek out someone to give me guidance on heading into dressing ‘well’ within my age bracket.

So I started looking to reward myself with some styling guidance.. someone to go through my wardrobe and take me shopping for a new look as I grew into an older age bracket. Next Minute I have signed up to the best and most rewarding course of my life .. sitting pretty high up there with Dale Carnegie ‘Learn how to Win friends and influence people” at the age of 21 which changed my entire life (as this course has yet again 27 years later). I realise now the clothes and style section of this course is such a small contributing part (10-12% I would say).. the rest is finding out who you are, what your passions are, your personal style and a safe comfortable sharing environment to discover the awesomeness of you. If I had children I would put the $$ aside to ensure they don’t wait until they are 47 years old to realise who they are. What a gift for an 18 year old daughter rather than another IPhone, I pad or holiday to Bali !! 

Kelly and the team work very subtly to help self discovery and before you know it you are oozing all this positive energy.. people walk up to me in the street and make comments on my clothes, jewellery, hair but mostly I believe it is because of my confidence and happiness in Myself. The other day I was walking towards a jewellery store with my husband (after about 5 people making comments as we walked around Carindale shopping centre and his patience getting a little thin by now lol) and as we were about 100 mtrs from the door, the two ladies behind the counter looked up, caught my eye and their backs shot up straight and with warm welcoming engaging smiles projecting from them. They paid me 3 compliments in the 10 mins I was in their store (and genuine ones). It is like I have a ball of about 4-5 mtres all around me which is this energy force and anyone who comes near it is drawn closer.. Super weird but a wonderful feeling. 

Thank you Kelli, you are the most inspirational women I have ever met, your skillset sits balanced between life coach, psychologist, Hair and Fashion stylist and a warm welcoming genuine insightful overall marvellousness and a whole lot of words the English dictionary cannot even describe.. .. what an absolute delight to be in your presence !

Oh and the cost of the course… negates all of the negative and bad choice shopping you would have completed over the next 6-12 months so it’s a no-brainer right ! To be honest I started this course reasonably confident in myself and my dress and thought I wouldn’t get too much out of this.. but wow, I did but also the joy in watching the other ladies in the course grow as much as I did and hit their own personal wins along the way is so rewarding. 

Angel Moffett

Hi Kelli

Thank you thank you!!!  I am in love with my new hair, I haven't felt this good in... I can't remember when.  And the compliments have already started pouring in, just like you said would happen.  


Hello Kelli!

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated and enjoyed today - I'm so happy with the results I'm finding it difficult to put my head on the pillow tonight haha!! It's 12.30am and I'm still so excited I think I need a knockout punch to go to sleep! My hubby loves the new look and my kids kept looking at me over dinner tonight haha!!

Thank you so much. I'm really looking forward to our coaching webinar this afternoon.

From, a member in our current Winter Personal Styling Program.

Simply amazing! The most wonderful experience with the most exceptional stylist. Stunning results, have never had as many compliments as I have since seeing Kelli. It is such a devine environment with every aspect considered to ensure you are in a zone of relaxation, luxury and support. The fact you walk out looking amazing is almost just a bonus! - 

Claire - Ferny Hills

This was just my introductory session - wow! I was so impressed with the Kelli's professionalism and the beautiful ambience within the salon (loved the Young Living essential oils) and what is offered in the package for we women who need some pampering, tender loving care and a fresh confidence boost to start anew on our journeys. And have fun along the way discovering our inner selves. Extremely happy with today and looking forward to starting my journey with Kelli and friends 😊


The only place where you are number one with exceptional service in a beautiful women's space. I love my regular hair sessions with Kelli and joined the 6 week styling program to align how I felt about my image and how I was perceived authentically by the rest of the world. Fantastic. Kelli has brought together her wealth of expertise into a complete package. I met an incredible group of successful, intelligent, wonderful women all sharing a connected journey. Kelli you are a shining star in this world!

Ellysa - Hamilton

Bouche Boutique is a niche salon, where you can step into your true colours and enjoy a good dose of pampering. I have enormous faith in Kelli, who loves her job and has an amazing energy. I've been receiving comments left, right and centre about Kelli's work (...artistry) on my hair. Do yourself a favour and visit this oasis of warmth, beauty and place of self awareness ♥️

Melissa Smart

"Today I have had the most rewarding, uplifting experience I have ever had. The time Kelli puts into all the details, makes it easy to understand the colour and the styling component, of my personal styling and accessorizing, and for each person, makes you feel individually really special. I can't believe the difference this experience is having, and will have on my whole life's experience from here on. It will make my makeup and shopping a breeze as I am now aware of my shape and colour. I would recommend this to anyone. Do it with a friend! I can't thank Kelli enough."

Lorraine Scholes
Retired Lady taking on the next level in her life

I was really looking forward to my appointment at Bouche Boutique! I could not wait to catch up with Kelli. She was a great sounding board for some career decisions that I am currently making. The coffee and gorgeous biscuit was a much needed pick-me-up. I also ended up with amazing hair, just in time for my job interview. Thanks so much Kelli! xox

Katrina - Murarrie

"I have been going to Bouché Boutique hair salon for eight years now and every time I have an appointment booked I can’t wait to get there! The one-on-one service is next to none, and I love that I am provided such individual and caring attention. From the indulgent scalp massage, the burning fragrant oil, to the specially tailored music, I always feel relaxed within minutes of arriving. I have never walked away from Bouché Boutique with a bad hairdo! Kelli can perform miracles and I always feel like a knockout when I walk out those salon doors. Thank you Kelli…in me, you have a client for life!"

Azra Alagic

Director - Quills Communications

had my hair cut and styled by Kelli last week. I walked out of the salon feeling fabulous and when I got home, my husband loved my new look so much he took a couple of quick snaps, posted them on his Facebook page and tagged me, so the pics appeared on my page too. Within minutes my friends were liking and posting comments like, 'stunning' 'gorgeous' and 'what's your secret?' Well the secret is out....Kelli is amazing and my secret beauty weapon!

Sharon St Pierre

What a fantastic experience

Janet Benson

The best! Words can't describe how special Kel makes you feel!

Melissa Jane

Great experience yesterday from my head massage to my hair styling to my coffee and biscuit - thoroughly recommended - Kelli has an extensive knowledge of products and my first eyelash tint that didn't sting my eyes!!!

Fiona Green

"You have to try the Bouche Boutique Styling Rooms!! You will never turn back!! Kelli Boucher is amazing!! I drive from the sunshine coast to her! More than just a hairdressing experience!"
Marilyn Crystelle Bridal

"Even having only recently started coming to Bouché Boutique hair salon I can already say that Kelli’s one-on-one service is completely fantastic in every way - the service is first class. The biggest difference for me is the fact that Kelli looks at your complexion and eye colour etc while deciding on which colour to dye your hair. I have ALWAYS had long blonde hair and now have a caramel-red colour which suits me so much more. After this change I was getting so many more complements- the amazing part was that the complements were not just about my hair! Most people were saying that I looked so well and healthy! Because obviously my hair colour was complementing my face rather than washing it out. Sitting in Kelli’s salon for just a few hours every 6 weeks has left me with more then a new hair cut- her passion for style and colouring is contagious! Simple things like wearing warm toned colours instead of cool colours now play a big part in my style and the choices I make when shopping. I would recommend Kelli’s wonderful boutique to ANYONE without hesitation."

Caitlin Graham - Physiotherapist

"Kelli is fantastic hair stylist and image consultant who is always ensuring the client is 100% satisfied. As Kelli is always updating her skills and adding to the service menu to suit all clients taste.
If you are looking for a great hairstylist and/or ensuring you are on track with your professional image I would highly recommend Kelli."

Dianne Nilsson 

"This skirt Kelli Boucher picked out for me during our shopping experience is pure magic! It took kilos off me! So many people complimented me when I wore this ensemble to work. I would NEVER have even looked at a skirt like this one before, and no way i would have bought a yellow i feel so liberated!"

Diane Smith 


"I am a long time friend and client of Kelli’s and I can honestly say Kel provides a service like no other.  From her beautiful relaxing Salon, friendly service, divine coffee, positive thinking and useful styling tips when it comes to hair, makeup and beauty Kelli has all angles covered, which guarantees you get the most out of each visit.  Kelli has made me more confident in achieving the same great salon look between appointments which I believe is one of her greatest assets.  I lived in London for 2 years recently and before I had my flight booked home I also had my hair appointment booked."  

Karen Hunt, Interior Designer

Hi Kelli

Just wanted to touch base and say a big thanks for the great cut and showing me some pointers!

When I walked in the door Haydn proceeded to vocalise a heap of "Alleluia!"s and "this is what I have been waiting for”.  He was very very happy J He even said it was the prettiest he has seen me. 

I have had a heap of compliments too!

Still getting used to it but I think it is a bit of a confidence thing cause I am so used to wearing my hair back all the time (plus I have a horrible fear of frizziness!).

Thanks again!  Really, really happy.

Speak soon!

Katie Stack 


" I have had the pleasure of knowing Kelli Boucher for almost 9 years now and it’s been wonderful to have Kelli not only do a fabulous job with my hair but I also now consider her a friend.

I’m a busy Mum who works part-time so I cherish the time spent with Kelli at Bouché as it’s totally relaxing and pampering – this is MY time! 

I hate going to salons and being on display for all to see whilst I’m covered in foils etc.  It’s nice to know that you’re the centre of Kel’s attention and can relax and enjoy a coffee and a chat.

Most importantly is the quality of Kelli’s work.  I relax knowing that Kel knows what she’s doing and I benefit from her years of experience.  More recently I’ve watched as Kelli has risen to new heights with her colour work.  Whilst Kelli always was a brilliant hairdresser, I believe her new knowledge of colour has really added spark to her service.  I’ve noticed my colour now really pack a punch and everywhere I go people comment on my hair.

I’ve whole heartedly recommended Kel to family and friends for many years.  She did the hair for my wedding, my Sister’s wedding and many other friends and the results have been absolutely stunning every single time.

Keep up the great work Kel and as always I’ll see you in 5 weeks!" 

Kelly Carter 

 " Dear Kelli,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Every "Kelli experience" is an absolute pleasure! I fell in love with Kel from the 1st moment I met her! She is an absolute delight! As a client you always feel so loved and special and walk out of her salon feeling empowered and gorgeous! Kelli is amazing at what she does - transformational results!! And that's not just with the hair/make-up/styling - Kelli's never ending commitment to her own education, self development and learning always sparks great conversation during every visit, so you not only walk out feeling fabulous, but a little wiser as well!!

Thank you Kel for your beautiful loving personality and for constantly "transforming" me on every visit!! "

Kylie Courtie

P.S - I have now moved and drive over an hour from the Sunshine Coast to see Kel!!"
Service Category: Hair & Beauty
Year first hired: 2001 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

" To everyone who is lucky enough to discover Bouche Boutique. I would like to say to you all that I have been absolutely amazed at the creativity and flare that Kelli holds in her hands.  Her knowledge and wisdom in the hairdressing industry has given me the utmost confidence with Kelli, knowing that I will leave her salon with the best hair cut and colour that I have ever had and not to mention the huge smile on my face. Thankyou Kelli.  You are an amazing hairdresser and colour consultant. I wish you all the success you deserve."

Linda Kerr – Business Owner 

"The Bouché Boutique experience is not just a trip to my hairdresser – it’s an opportunity to relax, unwind and enjoy being pampered, completely at ease with the knowledge that Kelli understands my hair and how to make it look fabulous every time.

From the cup of peppermint tea and homemade biscuit waiting for me when I arrive, to the divine head massage and engaging conversation, it is always a date in my diary I look forward to!

Every time I visit Kelli, I walk away with a fabulous cut, innovative colour – and some tips, tools and techniques to make my ‘do look great every day. It’s educational as well as indulgent – without costing a fortune!

After seven years, I continue to regularly recommend Kelli to friends and clients. She is unbeatable for style, expertise and value."

Liz Sharp

Business owner



" My beauty experiences with Kelli at Bouché Boutique are always very enjoyable.  Two hours of pampering is easy to take in the lovely relaxed and fragrant atmosphere that Kelli creates each and every visit.  Conversation is easy and interesting and Kelli’s beauty tips are helpful and key to making readying myself for the day simple.

I have had a few different hair styles since first engaging Kelli over a year ago and each one has been complimentary and superb, enabling me to transition from a long unkempt look to a short chic and contemporary style.

The products and services I have purchased from Kelli have been of excellent quality and I have recommended them to my friends and family.  My cousin, Denise, is now also an avid Kelli fan!

Kelli’s Bouché Boutique is incomparable to other salons I have frequented over the last several years, both in QLD and Sydney.  As I currently live in Sydney, I book my appointments with Kelli when I visit family in QLD, as I am reluctant to ‘try’ another salon, knowing that the terrific quality of service and value for money will be difficult for any Sydney salon to match!" 

Name:                  Margaret Ewins

Position:              IT Change Manager

                              Sydney,  N.S.W

"Kelly I have to say is the best STYLIST in the WORLD!

I have been visiting Kelly on a regular basis for many years and love catching up with Kelly whilst getting my hair cut, coloured and straightened. I always look forward to coming out of her Salon feeling like a NEW Woman! It’s amazing how wonderful you feel when you have had a scalp massage and had your curly hair straightened……I walk out feeling beautiful!

I had a terrible experience at a Salon years ago and was afraid to ever go back….but my sister recommended Kelly and I haven’t looked back!

I now recommend Kelly to my friends, even my friend who is visiting from London later this month, has made an appointment with Kelly.

Thanks Kelly – you are not just a Stylist, but a friend too!"


"Kelli is the ONLY person who I have ever trusted completely to do my hair. I just walk in and tell her to make my hair look good, and she does an amazing job.  I get so many complements after I have been to Bouche Boutique to get my hair done. The salon also has a relaxing atmosphere and Kelli does everything she can to have you feeling comfortable and relaxed. Kelli always has helpful tips to keep my hair looking wonderful between appointments. She always has great advice not just about hair but also about life in general. I always leave Kelli’s salon feeling refreshed and able to take on the world. Oh and her head massage is to die for!"

Melissa Norths 

"The enjoyment from walking out of Bouche’ Boutique is feeling feminine and naturally beautiful, visiting Kelli brings out my confidence as a woman.  It’s the kind of confidence that lasts till the next visit which I have never experienced with any other hair salon. Kelli takes the time to discuss my hair colour that suits my complexion as well as my hairstyle.

Demonstrating quick techniques on achieving other hairstyles from ultra sexy to professional, empowering me to continuously be creative with my look on a daily basis. Besides this, it’s always a treat visiting Kelli; the quality of conversation and ambiance is something I always look forward to.  Before visiting Bouche’ Boutique I never took the time to do my hair or even think about my own personal style, now I have a sense of pride about my look and style I never had before. I have grown as a woman and love being in my own skin.

Thank you Kelli"

            Paula Simon-  Food Strategy Australia & New Zealand - Interior Designer                    

Kelli makes me feel very special when I visit her for hair treatments.  I feel like I’m the only person in the room - which is actually true – because when I visit Kelli I am the only client and she devotes her entire attention to me.  I love it.  It’s really the only time it ever happens to me! 

Kelli is a true professional.  She is a walking advertisement for her work as she is beautifully groomed and looks amazing.

On my first visit Kelli evaluated my skin and eye colouring and even dress style before discussing hair style and colour.  Such a change from being plonked into a chair and having the latest hair style regardless of whether or not it suits the rest of you!

My only wish is that Kelli lived next door – so I could visit more often.

Sandi Harrold

Hi my name is Amanda Payne I have been a friend of Kelli’s for many years now and have had the privilege of learning a lot from her .So when Kel asked me to be a model for Colour Consulting, I jumped at the opportunity to have it done.

Like Kelli, I myself have been in the hairdressing industry for over 10 years and thought this would be a great learning experience for myself. After having colours done and finding out that I am, a “Warm Deep”, and seeing my colour swatch, it opened my eyes to a lot of things.

1 – What we wear can have a huge impact on our skin tone

2 – Wearing the wrong colour can bring out all those imperfections that we all know we have. ie dark rings under the eyes, fine lines and so on.

3 – Wearing the right colour can whiten and brighten  your face to the point where you look at yourself and go wow, I didn’t think colour could make such a difference, let alone wearing the right one. And definitely when you wear the wrong one!

I know personally I thought I was wearing a lot of the right colours, and I was, BUT I was also wearing the wrong ones, and now that I have my colour swatch, which I must say stays in my handbag, I can make the right choice all the time.

It opened my eyes to some new and wonderful colours that I will definitely try. Its amazing that when you do wear YOUR colour how many comments you get. Like most people, we ALL think Black can be worn by anyone, but as I found out WE cant all wear black, and black is not my colour!

Oh how far I have come since having it done.

So Kelli THANKYOU for this opportunity to express my thoughts!


Bridal Testimonials

"When Kelli held the mirror up for me to see my hair on my wedding day, I was completely blown away. I genuinely felt the most beautiful I had ever looked on the most important day of my life! Kelli’s calming efficiency made our experience truly unique. She had an uncanny ability to create hairstyles for my five bridesmaids catering for each of their different styles and successfully creating masterpieces. They all commented on how completely pampered and confident they felt on the day. Needless to say my wedding photos turned out spectacular and better than I had imagined. I believe Kelli has an amazing eye for detail and I will never hesitate to recommend Bouché Boutique."

Maryanne Walker

Physiotherapist - Clayfield

"For our wedding day, I was recommended Bouche Boutique by word of mouth through our marriage celebrant. The welcoming atmosphere in the boutique and Kelli’s warm nature made me instantly relaxed for discussing wedding hair colour, hair styles and makeup.  Usually my character leans naturally towards organising and planning in general, however I knew with Kelli I could simply trust in allowing her to create who I am for my wedding day. She achieved this through assessing what hair colour and style would match my own personal skin tone and also personality. Kelli asked a series of questions such as am I more of a classic woman, or do I prefer to stand out in a crowd etc.  She listened intently to everything I said. We discussed the style of my wedding dress, its neckline and also the head piece for all components to compliment the other harmoniously. Rather than changing me, Kelli’s assessment and analysis was of how she could draw out and beautify the natural potential I( and all women) have.

On the wedding day we just totally trusted Kelli and let her create. She produced one stunning bridesmaid after another. l can honestly say I felt the most gorgeous I ever have. It was such an exciting and special morning.  I realise that our wedding photos are forever, to be framed and passed down the family, and I know that my hair and makeup was 100% a true external reflection of just how truly  in love and blessed I felt inside."

Louise Rawnsley


Not only was Kelli able to create exactly what I had imagined when it came to my preferred up style for my wedding day, but she also helped create a relaxing and fun atmosphere while getting ready, as it was pouring with rain leading up to walking down the isle.  I can’t thank you enough for making me look and feel the most beautiful I have ever felt, I just wish I could do it all again. 

Karen Hunt, Interior designer, Barry’s The Home Improvers

Kelli Boucher was the hair stylist for my wedding and I could not have asked for a more professional result. After a couple of pre-wedding trials I was very confident that Kelli would create a fabulous upstyle. Two days prior to the wedding she gave me a brilliantly rich colour and cleverly placed some foils to maximise the effect of the upstyle. Kelli came very well prepared on the day, travelling early in the morning to make it to the wedding venue at Peppers Hidden Vale by mid-morning. True to form I received a stunning upstyle that perfectly showed off the fascinator I wore in my hair and equally did a wonderful job of my bridesmaids, mother and other family members. I was so impressed with her work that Kelli is now my regular hairdresser and image consultant! I would not hesitate to recommend her to other brides-to-be or anyone wanting a high quality hairdressing service.

 Justine Grindrod - Accountant -  QLD

Dear Kelli,

I would like to thank you for spending so much time with me completing my colour analysis. It was something that I had been longing to do for such a long time and I am so happy what I finally had the opportunity to do it. I am now a much better shopper and my wardrobe, though so much smaller (due to finally relinquishing unsuitable outfits), is a lot more functionally. I also found your makeup instruction to be brilliant. I had a lot of fun playing around with the new techniques that you showed me and I am very happy with the products as well. Your styling tips have been very useful to me in my work as well.

Initially the process was very confronting – all those mirrors and the bright light – but I soon found your gentle and professional manner to be very comforting and I was able to relax and enjoy the experience. I cannot wait for my next appointment with you so that you can work your magic on my hair as well! Thanks for creating a brand new me…

Theresa Tanzer, Recruitment Consultant - Stenhouse Recruitment Services

I came to Kelli after feeling that my previous hairdresser was just doing the same old thing, and while not very adventurous I was looking for a change in style & colour.  Under Kelli’s gentle persuasion I have cut my first fringe in 20 years and change my hair colour along with the style.  All of which have resulted in lots of positive compliments.  Kelli then invited me to participate in her colour workshop.  The biggest change for me has been my makeup colours, going from the neutrals to soft pinks and adding a little extra colour.  WOW! Now I can say I feel really alive & have also had a number of complements about my skin glowing and looking very fresh.  I am looking forward to introducing a bit of colour into my wardrobe and doing the style makeover next. 

Simone Wightman 

When Kelli first asked me whether I would like a colour consultation I was a little skeptical thinking that I already knew what suited and what didn't.  Then she put me in the chair and held up colours against my skin and that is when I knew I really had no idea what colours I should be wearing.

By showing me how different my skin can look by the certain colours I was wearing really opened up my eyes to how different I can look.  I now know why - when I was wearing certain colours people would say to me, "Gee you look tired".   It was because I was most probably wearing something white and that would show up the dark circles under my eyes compared to if I was to wear salmon, this colour is the one that makes me pop.

So thanks to Kelli for showing me what I can and can't wear.  I also look at makeup in a whole new light as well.  She has opened my eyes up to colours and showed me that I can look great in certain colours but I can look fantastic in my signature colours.

I mean every word by the way.  I am wearing salmon today as a matter of fact.

Sally Hughes 

I recently had a colour analysis and make-up session with Kelli.  After 20 years of using virtually the same style and colour of make-up this was something I was looking forward to.

The results were really surprising, particularly in the area of make-up.  Kelli introduced me to a new colour palette and whilst this was initially challenging the comments I’ve received since adopting this new range have been very positive – ranging from how well I look to how I look very polished and well groomed.  The ironic thing is that I actually spend much less time on my grooming!!

My routine has become very streamlined – I know what works.  This has brought a new lease of confidence in knowing that whatever I choose from my colour palette will look great.  I feel much fresher and love using the products.  My time spent shopping for clothes is definitely more focused and it means that I don’t spend time procrastinating about an outfit – it’s either in my colour palette or its not – that simple.  Kelli’s attention to detail meant that anything I was unsure of was fully explained.

This process is really time well spent – and ultimately this is what it saves – time and money.

I would highly recommend this service.

Rita Graham 

Hi Kelli,

Just thought I would mention that when I walked into the office this morning, one of the ladies made a very nice compliment.  She said “wow, look at you, you’ve done something with your makeup – you look great”.  So there you go, although I only worked with what I had available it was very obviously noticed.  Thanks for the help.

Jenny Bennett 

My hens night was a colour analysis workshop. It was fantastic and life changing, giving you more confidence in your choices for your clothing, makeup and image.

Jayde Walker, Rural property manager, Balcaldine, Q

I have recently had a full colour analysis with Keli, along with my mother and sister. I am a 20 year old student who loves clothes and makeup, so doing this session with Keli was a real treat. I was able to find out what my colours were- and what they weren’t. This was a bit of a challenge for me being a fair skinned girl who was told she should not be wearing black! Not only this but that my sister was able to wear all of my favourite colours which I was advised against.

Even though, I’m not going to lie, I still wear black on occasion, I always try to wear my colours. When I do I definitely feel more comfortable and feel like I look a lot better. Having the chance to have a little make up class was also a huge help. Now I know what colours to use to accentuate my features. This has meant that I am able to spend much less time then I previously was when doing my makeup because I know what works and how to apply it to achieve a certain look. I would definitely recommend Keli to anyone I know- It was a well worth while experience.

Caitlin Graham - Physiotherapist 


Kelli, Thank you so much for getting me to empower myself through the personal development course you referred me to and also my colour and style assessment. I am just having a blast finding the new me and Im just lovingthe way my life has opened up for the better.


Kim Paxton, Retailer

Hi Kelli...

I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart.. THANK YOU for the session last night.
I ran the full gauntlet of emotions ( and still am today) but what an amazing experience it was working with you last night.

I have done my homework, and teared up every time.  I have told two people today what I have to do and what I think I am… and you know what.. both of them have told me that is exactly what I am and why don’t I believe it.
You are one of the most beautiful, caring and giving people I have ever met.

You made me realise I AM beautiful and I CAN and WILL love myself and you have given me the tools and the belief to do it.
I know I am and will be a better person for having you come into my life!!

So thank you!!

Mel xxxx

Kelli’s style and image consultation is superb. It’s life changing. I used to be one of those girls with a very full wardrobe yet nothing to wear. Now,  I have a new confidence to express myself. It’s very empowering. Kelli is unbelievably passionate and her enthusiasm, knowledge and professionalism are unsurpassed. I highly recommend this to everyone. Thanks Kelli

AnnMarie Butler

Oncology nurse, Royal Hospital

Hi Kelli!

The experience was FABULOUS!! I'm SO GLAD I was able to do all three

 (Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit and Shopping) because it would have felt incomplete otherwise (especially if I had done the wardrobe but not the shopping!!). Doing all three gave me a complete picture.

Between the wardrobe 'reno' (or was it a demolition - LOL) and the shopping I was just reflecting on just how much I'd let myself go over the years. All our money had been ploughed into the house and our businesses and it felt 'indulgent' to spend money on myself. But when I took a long hard look at my 'wardrobe' and particularly with the style workshop on Tuesday it really made me realise that I'd lost my identity through it all. All my girly femininity had gone and I'd swung so far past relaxed I was nearly comatosed!!

Kelli, you are really warm and a lovely person and I think you are a great consultant.  You really understood how I was feeling in the process and wasn't pushy at all, but still very encouraging. Knowing that we were similar shapes and the same colours really helped. You made lots of great suggestions about how to jazz up outfits and mix things to get more wear out of things. You were just lovely!

I loved showing Kelvin everything I bought. His comments were 'WOW!! That's amazing!! I don't know why it's better but you look skinnier and taller and younger and WOW!! Why is it? What's the thinking there? Geez, you look great! I've got my Adele back!!.

He was genuinely interested to know why we picked out the things we did and I was able to tell him about everything I'd learned.

We went up to Westfield last night and I was wearing one of my outfits and I felt a million bucks. I walked taller and was so much more confident. I even kept checking to make sure my top wasn't too low!! There's no going back Kelli! This has been such a blessing – and cleansing experience (you probably find that all the time doing the wardrobe audits!).

The bag of 'to go out clothes' went straight into a bin last night and I wasn't tempted to save any of them. I feel like I got some of my younger pre-baby self back again and I'm sure it'll have a wonderful knock on affect to more areas than just my wardrobe.

Thanks again for the experience. It was such a lovely feeling to wake up and have something to wear that I know looks good on me - phew!!!

Kind regards                                                                                                                                                                    Adele  (Graphic Designer, Stationary Designer, Melbourne)

" Kelli has been mastering my image for the last 15 years, everytime I enter her boutique I am excited to hear her new ideas and concepts on making me feel all that I can be...
 I have been lucky enough to have her style my hair for my perfect wedding day, whilst also looking after my corporate image for work...
I feel inspired, rejuvenated and beautiful as every woman should when I leave Kelli's salon, the overall dedicated personal one on one service surpasses any other hair salonI've walked into around the world...."
Vanessa Mead ( Qantas Flight Attendant)

"My new look is amazing!!! I feel years younger and much less drab. My style is a fun, happy one which makes me feel great.  The colour makes my skin glow! Kelli gave me some great styling tips, my hair is now frizz free for days! After leaving the salon I felt relaxed, pampered, fun and sexy! At Bouche Boutique I felt it was ‘all about me’ which is very unique, as many other salons make you feel rushed so they can get on with the next   client. My overall experience was fabulous."

Thanks Kelli.

Jodi Atfeild, Gin Gin, QLD.

Thank you Kelli for your wonderful services with educating me on exactly what style and colours suit me. I have found the whole process so interesting and fun. You have taught me how to save money and my valuable time when shopping for my clothes by knowing exactly what to look for. I am now enjoying all the positive comments that I’m receiving from friends and colleagues with my new look.

Thanks again

Elisabeth Turner-  Wedding & Event Planner   -  Maleny

Dear Kelli,

From the first time I entered the salon and used your services and facilities I have been blown away and tell everyone who compliments me on my hair just who the magician is!

I am very busy 6 day working week girl and when I manage to get some free time to get my hair cut the experience leaves me feeling relaxed, refreshed and puts the spring back in my step. The added bonus is my hair has never looked better. Can I say that not only does my hairlook the best ever but you have given me tips and knowledge to know how to manage and style it in ways I never could do before.

Kelli, your attention to my needs, my likes and your ability to read into my indecision makes the experience of a hair cut so much more. You really understand and care and that gift is priceless.

Your added skill of colour consultant and stylist has given both my daughter and I the tools to confidently put together outfits and get the most of our existing wardrobes as well as arm us with the knowledge when we shop.

I hope you like my custom cause I ain’t going anywhere!!!!

Claire Dizane

Barry’s The HomeImprovers


“I have been going to Kelli to get a whole make over experience for 11 years and after a stressful, extremely busy three months the chance to sit down and get pampered by Kelli is just wonderful. The unique way in which Bouché Boutique individually goes through what I request and also helps out with decisions on which is the best style cut or colour to have for my hair and not just have the stock standard cut that is used for everyone really makes the visit very pleasant and enjoyable. I am an addict.

After 11 years of great hair cuts and colours I then decided to have  Bouché Boutique do my personal style colours for clothes and this has changed the way I see myself and also very importantly the way I shop. I changed from not knowing what styles to wear and picking out clothes that were too young and colours that made me look sallow to only buying the clothes and make up that suited my colouring and shape. The change it has made for me is amazing and other people around me have noticed I am more vibrant and slimmer all to the change in colour and style. Thank you Kelli for the wonderful transformations you have made of me over the last 11 years and especially the last personal style experience, everybody should invest in themselves and what better a way to do this than have a personal style experience with you.” 

Ann Leggo

Suncorp Financial Accountant 

Dear Kelli,

A big thank you for attending the Baulderstone office today and enriching seven women’s lives.

The small things in life are truly the most memorable and endearing … what a celebration it was to discover how to correctly apply blush!

Kelli, your own innate sense of style and grace is a credit to you – you looked amazing today. The positive way in which you deliver your message is empowering, allowing your clients to embrace the new and perhaps, to some, confronting thinking of bright lips and/or colourful eyes, in the hope of achieving a strong sense of what works for the individual without being a slave to ‘fashion’.

It was a joy to share my day with you and my associates.

Thank you again.

Warmest regards,

Deb Aitchenson


I love coming to see Kelli and Tash. They always make me feel very special. I really feel more like a friend tham just a client. I absolutely LOVE my hair style Kelli did for me today. I can't wait to try getting the same result myself.

Sharon - Hamilton 

Kelli - yesterday at the doctor's surgery 2 women came over to tell me how gorgeous my hair looked, and on leaving the receptionist asked where I get my hair done because it is beautiful; at breakfast this morning my girlfriend kept commenting on different aspects of it. You've nailed it gorgeous (and I even used product this morning!) Jacq xo

Jacqueline - Hamilton

The whole experience is delightful. The ambience is beautiful and Kelli is professional but warm & caring. I am really happy with my advice & treatments. Would highly recommend this salon


Always a pleasure going to Bouche Boutique. The service and quality are impeccable.

Chris - Nundah

Kelli really takes the time to listen to her customers needs, she then make you look and feel like a million dollars. A truly wonderful experience and I would highly recommend Bouche Boutique to anyone.

Kathryn - Mount Gravatt

Kelly got to know me by asking all the relevant questions and listened to my answers and hence 'got me' and what I was looking for. Kelly lopped my locks to a gorgeously short concave style and took me to 'short' effortlessly - a decision I would not entrust a hairdresser on a first time visit particularly as I haven't had short hair for 18 years!! Kelly's confidence in her craft and approach to understanding her client provided for a faultless experience and a totally unexpected wow factor for me. Thank you Kelly fir my new look! I had two strangers compliment my in my hair within 1/2 hr if leaving the salon - loving myself sick 😘

Debbie - Ningi

From the moment I entered Bouche it was a delightful experience. I was offered a "real" coffee which was lovely. The salon smells beautiful and fresh as well. Rather than me saying how I would like my hair I was offered a slightly different style which I am so pleased about. The massage on my scalp was just wonderful. I would thoroughly recommend Bouche Styling Rooms to anyone who delights in good service, great advice and a caring environment.

Di - Hamilton

Amazing place. Kelli and her team deliver exquisite service. A one-stop shop where you will enjoy relaxation and leave feeling and looking amazing. I highly recommend a visit to experience for yourself.

Anthea - Hendra

A superb experience as usual. Fantastic hair is a bonus!

Katrina - Murarrie

The team at Bouche Boutique Styling Rooms focused their time, energy and expertise on embracing me, educating me and expertly updating my style. This was terrific fun and exactly what I needed and I left their beautiful styling rooms feeling renewed, refreshed and ready to take on the next phase of my life. This wonderful space that Kelli has created is second to none and I commend her and the team on delivering the utmost in professional service. And the products, exquisite. Thank you so much ladies. Looking forward to seeing you again in December 2014 when I'm back in the country. D.x

Deanne - Singapore

Kelli is the most professional and beautiful style consultant I have ever met. My experience here was personal and luxurious. I highly recommend her services to any woman who wants to look and feel her best. Long after you forgot how much it cost you will remember how much you are worth!!

Jo - Tamworth

Hi Kelli, I have told everyone I know about your business, as your model is so professional and creates such a GREAT outcome for clients. This outcome is not only in a great colour and cut but a fabulous experience! Technically your service is excellent, but for me its everything , the whole experience and environment! Thankyou

Leisah - Hamilton

Kelli made me feel welcome from the moment I walked in. The salon is pure luxury with a relaxed atmosphere and I love the peppermint tea!

Lauren - New Farm

Kelli always listens to what I would like and delivers!!!!

Melissa - Griffin

Kelli is a first-class stylist...I wanted a style that requires minimal attention, and Kelli has achieved that for me.

Bev - Ascot

Bouche boutique salon is fabulous! After visiting for the first time today I will definately be going back and happily recommend to others. Having moved recently I was delighted to find Kelly whose experience and style is evident from the moment you walk in the door. Top notch hair cut, colour and blow dry.

Kate - Hamilton

Kelli's expert knowledge, attention to detail and warm person style made for a wonderful and lasting experience. Thank you Kelli!

Trish Braithwaite - Taringa

My visits to Kelli of Bouche Boutique Salon have been the best hairdressing experiences I have ever had. The entire appointment time is devoted to each client alone which adds to the relaxing ambience of the stylish surroundings. A far cry from sitting around a communal colour processing table which other salons seem to favour. Kelli's professionalism and expertise in colour and cut are second to none.

Judy - Maleny

I was totally pampered and had the best eyebrow wax ever. My hair looks fabulous and even my husband commented that he thought it was the best cut and colour I ever had. I can't wait to show it off at dinner.


As Kelli's is a full personal stylist she gives you the complete package. I feel confident wearing my hair, make up and clothes as I know they assist to make my skin look flawless with a natural glow. Wearing the wrong colours can wash you out, make your eyes look dark and your blemishes more prominent.

Emily - Brighton 

Kelli gives you a wonderful experience with Bouche Boutique, a very pleasing visit each time with the most delicious melting moments :)

Anita - Camp Hill

Amazing! Lovely salon and absolutely fabulous service! Not your average hair dresser! Service you can not put a price on! Love it!

Marilyn - Madjimba 

I have been getting my hair done with Kelli for well over ten years and continue to be impressed with the quality of her service. At Bouche Boutique you can be guaranteed that one person will look after you from start to finish and you will be treated like a Queen! A visit to Bouche Bourique is not just about getting your hair done but a time to pause and nurture body and soul. The senses are awakened from the moment you walk in, from the heavenly scents of wafting essential oils, to the warm towel neck rub and aromatic foot spa to the calming herbal teas served with such care and panache. And now to the hair, Kelli knows her stuff and will tell you whether you need to improve your colour or cut to maximize your assets and ensure you leave the salon looking like a movie star. A visit to Bouche Boutique is not just a practicality it's an experience to be indulged in time and time again. Do yourself a favour and call Kelli. It will be the best thing you ever do.

Azra - Hope Island

Kelli went above and beyond to help me with my hair, and the result was amazing! I have curly hair and have been challenged for quite some time as to how to deal with creating a beautiful head of curls and not a whole lot of frizz! Kelli's service was a 10+, as she spent the time with me to give me tips on how to style it myself and make the most of my now beautiful curls. Not only that, she gave me an excellent style cut and colour. I could not have asked for better. Thank you Kelli.


Kelli is just a beautiful woman that radiates warmth and excitement and always treats me like I was her only client. it's a real treat going there and I always leave empowered! THANKS

Monika - Highgate Hill

Once again perfect visit. Lovely atmosphere, great chat and advice and of course colour exactly as I like it. Bouche Boutique is a rare hidden gem in a saturated impersonal market.

Melanie - Seven Hills

Kelli did a great job in giving me full confidence to create a style and wardrobe that suits my lifestyle. I'm actually enjoying shopping for the first time in a long time thanks to all the knowledge I have about my colours and style. Thanks Kelli :)

Samantha - Clayfield

Thanks for my new do, much more sophisticated than my previous 'style'. You listened to what was important to me and was able to create that with a keen eye and a pair of scissors - very talented! Loved the head massage, loved the feeling of being pampered, loved the melting moment biscuit and the freshly brewed cup of tea.

Laura - Bardon 

I have been going to Bouche Boutique for 6 years now and still look forward to every appointment. Not only is it my catch up with a beautiful friend but a perfect way to unwind and get away for a few hours in a calming setting with personalised touches. I also walk away with stunning hair, coloured to perfection with a refreshed bounce in my step.

Melanie - Seven Hills

Bouche Boutique - Before

Bouche Boutique - Before