Being a woman can be tough sometimes.  This might upset the feminists out there but if we’re honest, we can admit that we live in a masculine world.  This can be hard for us ladies as we don’t process things like the gents do on an emotional level.  Thank god we don’t….imagine how the world would be if we did.  We are softer by nature and we nurture. That’s ok too.  As ladies, we sometimes judge ourselves for what we are doing well and what we are not doing so well.  

Often this is based on some silly pressure we feel from the outside world.  When I talk to ladies that are going through challenging times, I give them this simple message. Do not misinterpret your femininity for weakness.   For us ladies our strength is in our femininity, I know it might not seem that way at times.  As women, we have a different way of dealing with things, and it’s perfect for us.  I often get the feeling that we have been tricked into thinking negatively about our femininity.    


Having gone to Brisbane Girls Grammar School, I felt there was an expectation on me to move into a professional or corporate environment.  I knew this wasn’t for me. I also grew up in a male household and sadly my mum wasn’t around at the time.  This had a major impact on my presentation, self-esteem levels and view of myself.   When I changed my presentation, all of a sudden I started to see positive changes in my life. The view of myself and my life had altered for the better – way better!  

The majority of my clients fall into 3 camps.  Some have recently gone through a relationship breakdown and are now divorced.  Some are seeking a new partner or relationship, and are wanting to take their identity back.  Some have lost a significant amount of weight, feel completely different, and would appreciate some guidance in what suites their new figure.  The last group are those who are in business or are in high profile positions. They are seeking the next level, their own personal brand and learn how to communicate powerfully.  I didn’t pay much attention to this at the time, but then I realized that I had, at one point, been in all 3 of those groups myself.  

I do this transformational  work, because I have been in all of those situations myself.  I want to show women that getting back on track can be much easier than they think.

Why is this important?

I too have been divorced, and know what it takes to find yourself again.  I have also been overweight, and know what it is like to have a lack of confidence. I am also a business woman continually expressing my truest expression of my work. I do this through my craft as well as my verbal, and my nonverbal communication.  I am a mother that knows what it takes to have a fulfilling and happy life.  I’ll be the first to admit that things can get difficult at times. Each one of those situations was difficult and a real learning experience for me.  It was my presentation that gave me an edge, and sense of peace in those situations.  It had a positive influence on me for two reasons. 

The first was feeling positive about my appearance when I look into the mirror.  Let’s not collapse vanity with self-esteem here.  What I’m talking about is looking at yourself and being positive about your looks, style and body.  Ladies can be overly critical of themselves for various reasons.  It usually gets much worse in those moments when you’re alone, sick, tired or stressed.  Usually at 3 am those negative thoughts start to play in our minds, and become extremely loud.   The mind is skilled at replaying negative thoughts, especially when it comes to our appearance.  

I know of one girl who is beautiful, she is smart and a great person, but is carrying weight.  This makes her feel negative, and impacts on her ability to get the relationship she would like.  So she lets her emotions eat for her.  This is something we've all been guilty of at some point.  So she puts on more weight and the problem continues in a vicious circle.   Our work here, is to align her image, and guide her in seeing her own greatness and beauty.  A new look is like a circuit breaker, it’s the turning over of a new leaf.  It's where the old you finishes and the new you begins.  When we feel great about ourselves, we do great things. This is true irrespective of the situation you might find yourself in.  It can be business, relationship or any other situation.   The second reason is that people respond positively to us when we’re positive about ourselves.  We communicate a great deal of information via our personal style, hair and image in general.


We don’t just give you a haircut, colour or style makeover.  Our mission is to ensure you look and feel amazing when you walk out of our doors.  Our mission is to show you how to create the look you want with ease, so that you are comfortable with your presentation.  We do this, so that you can reach out and get what you want in life.  

I have lived this work and understand the importance of it, that's why I want to be there for as many others as possible.