7 Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

Caring for your hair can be tricky if you aren’t a professional. There is much information about various treatments and techniques available today, and many of us use these articles as guides for developing hair care and styling routines. However, some of these sources can’t be trusted, so by following those tips you are actually hurting your locks.

If you want to prevent any harm to your precious tresses, be sure to avoid the following common hair care mistakes:


1.      Overhandling.
There is a myth that your locks will look fantastic if you give them 100 strokes with a brush. Some other sources advise shampooing your hair rigorously to make sure you wash off all the dirt and oil. Both these methods are not only useless but very dangerous as they cause a great amount of damage to the hairs, follicles, and skin of your scalp. As a result, you get broken, split, and dull tresses. Overstimulation of the scalp causes irritation which may lead to sebum overproduction (equals greasy hair) or developing a serious condition, like dandruff.  However, on that note, I do say, give your scalp a good brush to empty the sebaceous oil glands, to release the stored oils, before shampooing. That way throughout the day, your hair will become less greasy. 
To avoid these problems, you need to remember that you should be very gentle while handling your locks. After-all, long hair may be years old on the ends, when you think about it.

2.      Overheating: Hot styling is not the best,  and will damage your hair no matter how hard you try to prevent this. Therefore, you need to focus on minimizing the damage, by using our LaBiosthetique Heat Protector,  or just let your tresses air-dry naturally. If you use a hair dryer or flat/curling irons, you should always apply the heat evenly on the hair, by keeping the heating tool moving, therefor not concentrating the heat on one area for an extended amount of time. It’s also important not to blow dry soaking wet locks, so be sure to gently squeeze your hair with a towel before you move on to hot styling.

3.      Overusing hair dyes and similar treatments: Colouring your hair is a very popular practice that can enhance your natural beauty by giving your locks a more flattering shade. However, using poor-quality products or applying them incorrectly can damage your locks greatly. Therefore, it’s best to entrust the colouring of your hair to trained professionals.

4.      Overstressing: Ponytails, braids, and hair extensions that are too tight put your locks under a great amount of stress, which may result in hair loss and other ‘unattractive’ problems, like breakage.
Remember to be gentle when you are using any hair accessories and remove them after a couple of hours to let your locks relax. If you want to use extensions, they must be applied by an experienced professional who uses top-quality solutions.

5.      Overwashing: Every person is unique so there isn’t a single ‘perfect’ number of times a week for washing your locks. However, the majority of shampoos will cause irritation if used too often. If you wash your hair every day, use specialized products.

6.      Not conditioning: Using a conditioner is a must if you want your hair to be smooth, healthy, and protected from the environment. Experiment with different products until you find the one perfect for you. Especially for our fine hair girls.

7.      Not trimming regularly: Even if you want to let your hair grow out, you need to have it trimmed once every couple of months. This will remove the damaged ends before they start to split and generally keep your hairstyle looking neat and beautiful.