5 Hair Styling Tips for Dirty Hair

Styling dirty hair can be extremely difficult, but sometimes you just don’t have the time to wash it before you rush out for the day. If you find yourself in this situation, we can offer a few solutions that will help you maintain the perfect image of beauty even when the roots of your hair are a bit oily.

1.      Play around with braids: There are dozens of braid types and hairstyles you can create from them. The best thing is that your hair will actually hold better in a braid when it’s dirty. You can choose the style that matches your outfit, mood, or the event perfectly, and no matter what you pick, it’s sure to look amazing. You don’t have to be a professional hair stylist to ‘work’ with braids. Just make 2-3 simple plaits and pin them however you wish. This style is very elegant, so it will work for any type of occasion. If your hair is particularly oily, choose a more complicated design as it will distract the attention from the ‘state’ of your locks.

2.      Do a twisted topknot for extreme situations: When you have to run a few days without washing your hair properly, tying it into a topknot can help you ‘hide’ the greasiness at the roots. You can try to make this simple hairstyle more elaborate to make sure people focus on a beautiful accessory or an intricately twisted knot. Just be sure not to overdo it as big and flashy pins will only highlight your little problem.

3.      Use some dry shampoo: The aforementioned solutions are viable only if your hair is long enough to be styled this way. In case you have short-to-medium locks that have just started getting a bit greasy, a bit of dry shampoo will help. Note that you need to be extremely careful when applying this product as putting too much of it will only make the situation worse. It would be best to have a few ‘test drives’ when you have a chance to wash your hair immediately if you make a mistake. Please note that dry shampoo will work only if your locks are just a little greasy. If you have fine hair, we have a powder spray, that goes on lightly, that way you can be sure to never overdo it.

4.      Try a half-up twist: This hairstyle will be a good choice if your locks still look nice and fresh, but the roots get greasy. Make the ends of your hair fan out to draw all the attention. This type of hairstyle might benefit from a few elegant pins.

5.      Have an arsenal of hair accessories: You really can’t have too many of them, so don’t deny yourself a new piece next time you go shopping. Hairbands will work really well for hiding the ‘early stages’ of greasiness. Pins, bows, and even scarves can be integrated into a variety of hairstyles to complement them and ensure no one notices your locks require washing. Scarves are my favourite. I simply take my hairbrush, move all of my hair back into a smooth pony tail. Be sure to use hairspray in this process. Spray the hair as you are smoothing it back. That way there are no fluffy’s. The alcohol in hairspray also tends to make a difference to the hair, and diminishes greasiness too.

We know how hectic life can be, and how hard it is to make time for washing and styling your hair in the morning. These tips will help you handle the problem fast and get a few compliments on your beautiful hairstyle.

I hope this helped

Kelli xx