Psychology of Colour for Hair and Fashion

The fact that colours invoke different emotions in people has been known for many centuries. Numerous researchers focused on studying this effect, which lead to the creation of colour psychology. Designers rely on its rules all the time in order to make their projects more successful. You will definitely benefit from knowing some tips that will help you create stunning looks for a variety of occasions.

Colours in the World of Fashion

Choosing the right colour of your outfit will help you make a specific impression. To ensure you achieve the results you desire, you should know the following fashion colour rules:

·         Black: This is the colour of power and authority. It’s one of the best choices for evening gowns as it’s considered very sophisticated. But beware, this is not a colour for all shapes and complexions. It can do the opposite to the perceived ‘slimming’ effect that most think. Sometimes making one look older than what she is, or washed out. On someone else, stunning!

·         White: Associated with purity, white has been the most popular choice for wedding dresses in many cultures. One of its main advantages is that it goes well with any colour. Again, look for the signs as stated above. Do you notice the colour first or the persons natural features and assets. Simply, do the blink test. Close your eyes, and then take a look again.

·         Red: The colour of passion, red attracts a lot of attention. It’s a good choice for those who want to stand out. Though, you need to keep in mind the fact that too much red can look aggressive, so it’s definitely isn’t the best option for an average business meeting. It is also known to invoke hunger and raise blood pressure.

·         Blue: This shade is associated with stability and calmness. Any shade of blue will go well for any kind of occasion. It suits both men and women equally. Friendly colour.

·         Green: As the refreshing colours of nature, greens have a calming effect. Not many people know that this particular shade is the easiest on the eyes, so it’ll help you make a pleasant impression on the people around you.

·         Yellow: Sunny yellow clothes go well with almost any complexion and help you project an image of a positive and cheerful person. 

How Do People Perceive Your Hair Colour

The colours of your clothes aren’t the only things that affect people’s perceptions of you. According to numerous studies, your hair colour greatly affects the way others feel about you during an initial contact. Therefore, changing it can not only enhance your natural beauty but also help you ‘influence’ the way people react to your image.

·         Blonde: All research indicates that blonde women are considered to be more outgoing and approachable. They can get a stronger emotional reaction from males, which proves the popular cliché that blondes are more attractive. When sociologists compared results of different studies, it became obvious that salesgirls and promoters with this hair colour get better results than their brunette and redheaded colleagues.

·         Brown: There are many shades of brown, but, in general, all owners of this hair colour are perceived as serious, responsible, and trustworthy. People often think them more elegant and sophisticated.

·         Black: Even as a hair colour, black is considered stylish. It’s often associated with professionalism and intelligence. It’s interesting to note that some social studies indicate that men with black hair are ‘most popular’ with the opposite gender.

·         Red: Natural red hair is extremely rare. Only about 1% of people on the planet have it, though it’s one of the most popular shades for those who choose to dye their locks. Redheads are seen as passionate, active, and vivacious, but many people have a negative reaction to them.