Tips from one of my clients in the Effortless Elegance program

I love what my members are learning from their personal styling training. I just had to secretly share this with you. 

Hi ladies!
What i have learnt today whilst shopping....I had to get a few pieces, after doing my makeover with Kelli, as my wardrobe is just so so so wrong and I have a few corporate meeting coming up
1. Your colour swatch NEVER leaves your hand - almost close enough is not close enough - keep looking and you will find the right shade
2. Try it on even if the colour and shape is right. ...that neck line might just be 1/2 an inch out and it looks wrong
3. Don't listen to the shop assistant (unless from W Lane ) because they lie. About the colour, neckline and the shape that suits you. Kelli knows her stuff!
4. If you are hungry stop and eat something - no rash decisions then
5. While you are dining, think about what you bought. Why you did make that purchase and how it made you feel. Its quite empowering.
6.if you have been there for nearly 3 hours put your goodies in the car drive out of the parking then drive back in with a new 3 hour ticket.No stress then. 
7. Don't forget shoes - I nearly did
8. Everyone will ask what you are doing with the colour swatches and why - Kelli there may be a referral coming your way.

Thanks again Kelli. It is like I have finally given myself permission to be beautiful.


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