The Bouche Boutique hair salon is a ladies retreat paradise.  It's a private space where you can come in, turn your phone off, let your hair down and indulge yourself in what it means to be feminine.  Most hairdressing salons are just square rooms with cold and modern furnishings.  I wanted to create a home away from home, because I have to work there too.  You are not stuck in an uncomfortable chair while hairdressers operate several deafening hair dryers next to you. 

           You are free to enjoy our private lounge area so you can read a magazine, slip off those heels and have a glass of bubbles or real coffee.  Our salon has become a community space for busy ladies in need of some timeout, it's a place of self-nurture.  As ladies we have more opportunity than we've ever had in the past, yet we are more stressed than we have ever been.  We give to everyone first and to ourselves last, and we suffer because of that.

Less Hair Salon More Day Spa

I have created a hairdressing experience in a relaxing and feminine environment.  It's free from the loud nightclub music that gets your heart racing.  I know how guilty I can feel taking time out for myself at times.  My daughter, partner, business, family and friends are all important to me, but sometimes we just need permission to stop. 

    When you walk through our doors, you have permission to stop and rejuvenate, so that you can feel nourished.  When you're nourished you can be a better giver to those you love.  Bouché Boutique Styling Rooms in unlike any other hairdressing salon you would've experienced to date.  

Our Exclusive Guest Rituals

1) Welcome Tea:

A warm relaxing herbal tea is served upon arrival

2) Visareme Aroma Massage:

We use the purest ( Young Living ) essential oils available on the market to help you transition from the daily buzz and get ready for your indulgent experience

3) Skin, Scalp and Hair Assessment:

We ensure your hair, face and scalp are in the best health they can possibly be in, The process allows us to test and measure the results. Then, if needed, provide you with a professionally prescribed treatment.

4) Mini Colour Analysis:

No colour is ever applied to any guest unless we are confident it will compliment your skin tones, features and personality style

5) Consultation:

This is where we engineer your perfect haircut, hair-colour, profile your personality, create your personal image, or, maintain what you currently have.

6) Processing:

If one of our premium La Biosthetique colours are applied, we encourage you to take advantage of relaxing in our tranquil lounge, put your feet up with a warm beverage or champagne, away from the salon buzz, to let your colour process. You may even like to indulge in one of our popular Himalayan hand therapies, whilst you are there

7) Pampering:

Enter the "Whispering Grove Room" which has been designed to connect you back to nature. The colours of deep comforting green, combined with crisp whites will emotionally refresh you while your hair is washed, and then finished with a shiatsu scalp massage. You can lie back and zone out whilst listening to our relaxing tunes on a quality sound system. Some guests book solely for this experience. This is one of our secluded rooms

8) Completion:

This is where we complete the experience and get your ready to step out in style with all the appropriate finishing’s and final touch ups.

   Hair Services

  • Personalised Designer Style Cuts
  • Classic and Creative Style Cuts
  • Personalised Hair Colours
  • Professional Blow Dry
  • Hair Straightening 
  • Special events Up-styles
  • Hair and Scalp Treatments 
  • Hair Extensions
  • Shiatsu Scalp Massage Treatments
  • Face Shape Analysis

   Beauty Therapy          Services

  • Facial Waxing 
  • Lash and Brow Tint
  • Brow Shaping  
  • Beauty Ritual Treatments
  • Professional Makeup
  • Skin analysis