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Bouche Boutique hair salon is an experience unlike any other hairdressers you will have experienced in Brisbane or even Australia.  We guarantee you'll love your hair because we don't just give you the trendiest hairstyles.  We are specialists at making sure any hairstyle you get from our hairdressers is matched to your face shape, skin tone and personality.  Kelli Boucher has a reputation as the Bouche Boutique hair salon makeover queen.  She has been a hairdresser for 20 years, plus she is Brisbane's best image consultant and personal stylist. 

What this means is the hairstyle you get is designed to suit you, so you'll get more compliments than you've ever had.  Your hair colour will match and compliment your skin tone, so you look fresh and not washed out.  The wrong colour has a tendency to age you because it will highlight fine expression lines or make the skin tone look uneven.  In some cases it can have a woman look inauthentic or unapproachable, because it's not a match for her personality. 

Stop allowing others to experiment with your hair! 

A hairstyle can look out of place or send the wrong message to others if those important factors mentioned above are ignored.  When some in-depth analysis is applied to the process of a hairstyle, you can feel assured that the hairstyle is a true reflection of you and the message you want to send the world.  This will prevent you from being concerned about your appearance in those important situations.   

At Bouche Boutique Styling Rooms we use a 3 step process to ensure you have the perfect hairstyle for your face shape, skin tone and personality.   We've turned the process of looking good and getting more compliments into a system!

                        The 3 steps to the perfect hairstyle for you.  Taken from our 9 step effortless                                                                                                      elegance styling program 

We don't provide guests with a conveyor belt experience at our hair salon.  Bouche Boutique's Brisbane hair salon is relaxing, intimate and a private experience, limited to a max of 4 clients at any one time.  Whist your hair is processing you can move to the styling lounge and relax in comfortable couches away from all the noise.  When relaxing in the hair salon you can enjoy champagne in a crystal glass, or an exotic cup of herbal tea, accompanied by an indulgent treat. All of this is complimentary and part of the Bouche Boutique hair salon experience

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Bouché Boutique Brisbane hairdressing salon is located in Ascot, just off Racecourse Road.  It's 5 Km from Brisbane, 3 Km from Fortitude Valley and 1 Km from Hamilton, Clayfield and Hendra.

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Bouche Boutique 5 4.7 Stars / 174 reviews

Bouche Boutique delivers an experience and education to local, interstate and international women . A beautiful place to visit and to experience in person.

We don’t just change your look, we change your life
— Kelli Boucher
Kelli Boucher - hairdresser - image consultant  -   personal stylist  - total image professional

Kelli Boucher - hairdresser - image consultant  -  personal stylist - total image professional


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